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PlayStation 4 regains Title as Top Console outselling Xbox One in January


PlayStation 4 has once again become the top console in the market – as January sales propelled Sony past Microsoft’s Xbox One. While the move ahead wasn’t one that was entirely surprising, it did come a lot sooner than many industry analysts projected. Experts believed that the gap would be closed, and Sony would eventually overtake Microsoft for having the top-performing console – but that gap not only was closed in shorter order than previously expected, but users showed their resounding support for Sony’s PlayStation 4.

The SCEA in a statement regarding the switch amongst the top two consoles globally pointed out “PlayStation 4 was the top-selling console in January and remains the cumulative leader in the U.S. according to NPD data. Since launch in November 2013, 18.5 million PS4 units and 81.8 software unites have been sold through to consumers worldwide.” Even as Microsoft set all-time highs noting a 22% growth in gamers and the hours, they were logging compared to the year before – it still was not enough.

Microsoft even installed a serious discount after the holiday season in order to entice new users and push sales throughout the slowest season of the year – those efforts were ultimately stymied by improved sales by Sony’s PlayStation 4. Some analysts though are pointing to the fact that both console sellers are outperforming the previously set standards – that is a good sign for the industry as a whole. Liam Callahan of NPD Group pointed out that the “Combined hardware install base of PS4 and Xbox One is close to 60 percent higher than the cumulative hardware totals for Xbox 360 and PS3 at the same point in their lifecycles.” Thus proving the point that these latest consoles are still outperforming their previous models – that would indicate success within the market largely.

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This news all comes at a time shortly after Microsoft announced poor results from the last fiscal quarter, as well as the console industry as a whole surviving quite well heading into the New Year – something many were curious about actually happening. From top to bottom though, the gaming industry is something that has been under a lot of stress, and the success that is being seen now is important for the overall bottom line and future of both respective companies.

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