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Apple App Store sways from FREEMIUM to ‘Pay Once And Play’ model in Games


Apple is working on a new game type in the App Store, and it might just be something that could take off. The App Store has recently been featuring games that have been labeled with a ‘Pay Once And Play’ banner. This new game type would eliminate the in-app purchases that are often loaded inside games, and would give users the opportunity to pay once for a game and not have to contend with those pesky purchases after the initial download. It’s interesting because it is a theory that has thought to have been effective in the past. Now though, Apple is working with it to see if it will actually work.

Freemium games are the standard in the market right now. It was a major point of contention for those developers who had built games – but set serious time constraints and limits within the actual gameplay to ensure that users would either be tied up with the game for a long period – or that they would have to pay to have their progress continued. That being said, it became a complicated matter as the companies involved began getting more feedback from users who were dissatisfied with the situation – as it was something many users didn’t want to deal with.

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Perhaps the biggest roadblock has been the fact that there are a lot of successful games on the market which follow this freemium model. Clash of Clans is often the first one that comes to mind when users sign up and download the game – as being one that really does limit what a person can do – within reason – before having to either sacrifice a lot of time or pay a large sum of money over that period to regain their furthering in the game. At the end of the day, it is important to note that this is a system that is just being tested. Right now, the freemium model is the most-frequently used model on the market – and the most-likely one to see continue as time goes on. A system like the pay once and play model though would be something that could be successful – if it sees a high adoption rate.

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