LG Watch Urbane will debut at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in March. The watch will be featuring a 1.3-inch P-OLED display, as well as a narrower band that will make it feel more luxurious. Additionally the LG Watch Urbane will also be bringing an all-metal body that will make it feel significantly more powerful than previous smartwatches made by LG. That being said, the company will also be delivering on the mechanical end of the device, too. Consider the 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 chip, along with the 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage onboard – and what you’re left with is a device that delivers on every front. The device will also feature a heart rate monitor, if the expectation holds true, and if that is the case – a legitimate case could be made that this could compete with Apple Watch.

However, by entering the luxury smartwatch space like LG has, it is becoming crystal clear that the company will have to work significantly harder in order to compete directly with Apple and its Apple Watch. Previously, Android devices have historically failed miserably against Apple’s products – particularly in the smartphone category. This will make for an interesting battle to see take place between the two tech giants – as to whether LG can gain some traction for Android and Google – by successfully creating a high-end smartwatch that does well against Apple.

LG Watch Urbane Colors

The device will be coming in a few different high-quality finishes that will look very nice, and definitely take away the competitive edge that exists within the tech space. However, one thing that this device will bring – just like the Apple Watch – will be higher cost than other less-expensive options. That will definitely separate the champions from the less-successful smartwatches on the market. Right now, it remains unclear how well an expensive Android smartwatch can compete with an Apple Watch – that comes in with its customer-base having a thorough understanding of the fact that Apple products are never, ever cheap. Either way though, the LG Watch Urbane looks like it is a device that could compete with Apple Watch one way or another.