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HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6 daunt LG G4 Release Date


LG has reportedly made a move to exercise some caution in releasing the LG G4, in opting for an April launch instead of a March launch. Reports also have been circulating that the company would be opting for this type of launch – a month after HTC and Samsung release the One M9 and Galaxy S6 due to the fear of having to compete with two devices that will clearly outperform them. The company noted, “We rolled out the G3 in May last year so we do not plan to unveil the G4 at this year’s Mobile World Congress and [will] spend more time perfecting the new phone.”

While many are viewing this as a lack of confidence, the company does have a very good point. Samsung has always historically released their device first, gathering up the largest pool of praise from the Android world, and then usually a couple flagship devices follow shortly thereafter. HTC wants to launch their next flagship at MWC, just like Samsung is, so it not only fits in with the company’s goal and model for releasing a flagship device – but fits in with what the market does.

The LG G4 is expected to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor that most of the flagship Android devices will be running and will boast 4GB of RAM. Combine this with 32GB of onboard storage – along with a 5.3-inch Gorilla Glass 4 display, and it really will have some great qualities. A 16MP rear-facing camera, as well as a 5MP front-facing camera – will make the LG G4 an exciting device. It also will feature wireless charging, though it’s unclear how big or how long the battery will last. Though most expectations are that it will have a battery size comparable to the Galaxy S6. Like many other devices coming out this year – it will also feature quick charging, too. The G4 will allow for a 60% charge in just 30 minutes.

Overall, this device looks to be an exciting launch – but it’s unclear right now if the company is genuinely worried about the competition – or if they’re simply following their own pattern and release dates.

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