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Sony SmartEyeglass to fill the VOID of Google Glass for $840 starting March 10


Sony wants to capture customers in the smart glasses space, and they are focused on picking up the customers that Google walked away from when the company stopped production of Google Glass. Although, Google is said to be working on a replacement or a second version of the Glass project – it’s unclear when it will launch – and for a company that has competed with Google on this front since the launch of Sony’s program to work on this technology – it’s time to cash in on their hard work.

Sony’s SmartEyeglass Developer Edition is available for pre-order starting today, and for just $840 it will give users quite a run of technology packed inside. While it will not look as stylish, and it certainly won’t have the same gravitas as Google’s Glass did – it certainly will not struggle in this market. That being said, the wearable technology that has been getting produced for the face – certainly hasn’t been expanding at any notable clip. SmartEyeglass will connect with Android 4.4 and higher, boast a monochrome green display that will project onto one lens, as well as a 3MP camera. Combine that with the Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth features, the speaker that’s onboard, as well as the microphone and a suite of sensors – and this really becomes an entertaining buy.


However, it is priced such that it will not be something that the average consumer will own. While wearable are picking up steam – it has taken Apple several years to enter the market – and even now they have done so with a great deal of cautions. While the future and the focus of tech companies is definitely wearable technology – the recent struggle of Google with their Glass production – as well as the struggle within the Android Wear collection is proof that the average consumer is nowhere near ready to accept these seemingly far-advanced pieces of technology as a part of everyday life. Price may be a major player in this, too, but as wearables become more connected, the question becomes “how much is too much?” Even more importantly, how well will these companies do – or how well will Sony do, given the fact that a large portion of its competition is now gone.

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