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Apple Watch draws AWRY Criticism for Health and Wellness features


Apple Watch is drawing some heavy criticism from health fanatics and Apple enthusiasts as a whole, as the launch draws closer and closer. Until now, it has been widely expected that the device would sell incredibly well, and that it would perform very well on the open market – that is largely running ahead of Android Wear smartwatches before they even formally launch the Apple Watch. At this point, the biggest criticism of the Apple Watch is that its sensors that track health and wellness are anything but healthy or well. In fact, some have called the Apple Watch sensors – inaccurate, in the kindest assessment.

Interestingly, it was just last week when Tim Cook was pointing out, “one of the biggest surprises people are going to have when they start using it is the breadth of what it will do.” That being said, those words would be significantly misleading – unless Apple has something entirely different up its sleeve to sell users between now and the launch. It would seem though that the features which are being talked about – the health features that is – are a considerable portion of the Apple Watch, and if it cannot deliver there – then it might be pushing itself into a bad place.

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Without any doubt though, as with any Apple product the company has focused on a high-end product for a high-end user. That being said, Apple has not ever worried about customers who want more for less. If its function you are looking for that specifically falls in the health-related field – as many have reported – there are plenty of far less expensive options. In fact, there are options that cost half as much as the cheapest Apple Watch – that do a lot more on the health front. That being said though, Apple wants to deliver something broader. If they are able to do that, people should forget – at least initially – about the shortcomings in the health space. After all, let’s not forget about the fact that Apple drew serious criticism from those who expected more out of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ ability to hang around in the health space – but the devices, as well as iOS 8 fell well short of the expected finish line – and they still had an astronomically successful quarter. The best quarter ever, in fact.

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