Apple has won a patent that solidifies the notion that the company will be working forward in the virtual reality space. Specifically, they won a patent that will give them the ability to create a virtual reality headset that will function with the iPhone. While Apple isn’t trying as hard as some of the other names in virtual reality – like Google or Facebook – this is proof that they are definitely intrigued by the idea of creating a virtual reality headset. Originally, there was a patent that was granted in 2008 that would turn the iPhone itself into a display for a virtual reality headset, but until now, that has remained relatively quiet. That being said, many have compared this to the type of situation that Samsung has created with their Gear VR. Essentially, this type of technology is the simplest and least expensive as it allows the user to cradle their smartphone – or in this case the iPhone – and then use that as the display for the headset.

Samsung has done pretty well with their Gear VR headset, and while the technology is advanced, the pool of content that’s available is relatively small. In fact, that has been by far the biggest complaint that anyone has had with VR – and Google has only recently began addressing that issue.

Apple Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone

It’s important to note that users of Apple or enthusiasts of the technology that the company puts out there – should not be waiting for an iHeadset. That simply isn’t the case, and that isn’t what this patent proves. All it proves is that there is the definite possibility that the company will be exploring this avenue as time goes on. What the company does in the next several months with this patent publicly will be very telling, and will certainly tell more about the future of Apple and virtual reality than anything else that could be said or done in the space. Especially given the rather sluggish turn out that Samsung and Google have had on this front. Despite the fact that they are still pushing full steam ahead, knowing the payout could be grand down the road.