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Facebook prepping 3D Social Experiences with Oculus Rift’s Virtual Reality Apps

Facebook wants to develop social apps for Oculus Rift, according to the company. Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox pointed out that just a little more than a year after acquiring the VR company for an astonishing $2 billion, Facebook would be exploring social apps for the virtual reality system. The virtual reality social apps would completely change the way social networking happens – and make it entirely mainstream to use virtual reality, with social networking. Interestingly, the two seem to go hand-in-hand pretty well.

Whether you’re talking about seeing where friends on Facebook checked-in to or where they went on vacation – the real-world application for a service like this within the Facebook family is pretty obvious. Especially given the fact that the company does actively run and control Instagram, as well. Though the two act as their companies, quite successfully.

Cox said in an interview that “Virtual reality is pretty cool. We’re working on apps for VR.” He went on to point out that “When you’re in Facebook, you’re just sending around these bits of experience – a photo, a video, a thought. (With virtual reality) you could be sending a fuller picture.”

One of the major roadblocks though, he pointed out, was the fact that so few people have virtual reality headsets. That ultimately is the biggest issue and dilemma that the players in the virtual reality space are facing. This isn’t something that feels like a necessity – as a smartphone did 15 years ago, or some of the other up-and-coming pieces of personal technology that have risen through the ranks.

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At the end of the day, there will be apps available on these platforms – and there will certainly be people who use them, but facts remain when it comes to how many people will really be using the technology that is in play. It’s unlikely that we see VR headsets become as popular as an iPhone is today – but at the same time – the user-base will certainly begin to grow as time goes on, and more information is out there on those headsets.

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