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Microsoft Office for iOS adds iCloud and Box as new Cloud Storage options


Microsoft is not quitting when it comes to strengthening their ties with the mobile community. While they might have caught some bad publicity when users were upset with their lack of loyalty to Windows mobile operating system – that has quickly faded away as the company has doubled-down once again with their efforts to make their mobile software options more functional. Just look at Microsoft Office and what they have added to the discussion. First, they partnered with Dropbox, which was a major deal – thanks to the fact that Dropbox was one of the biggest cloud storage options on the market. Then, the company nearly simultaneously had acquisitions of Acompli, as well as Sunrise – most-recently – to make their mobile office products better.

Outlook got a facelift and a new identity, and now their calendar and other productivity applications stand to see significant improvement after the acquisition of Sunrise. Microsoft will start expanding their storage options by expanding it to iPad and iPhone users today. The new partners when it comes to cloud storage are Apple and Box, the other two major players in the cloud game. This integration will first come for iPad and iPhone users. It will give the user a choice that cloud location that they would like to save the file to, and then will work accordingly depending on the decision that the user makes.

Microsoft is said to be working on a similar option when it comes to storage regulation on their own upcoming operating system – Windows 10. The move will make keeping organized, and maintaining a connected file system even more possible than before. Even more importantly it will allow more enterprise users to work together and should bolster that enterprise base that the company has prided itself on regaining. To this point, the company has struggled to keep those users and to get those users back. This is something that Microsoft has been forced to take seriously as they had gone through a very challenging phase with Windows 8 and the last several years. Microsoft even came close to becoming irrelevant in a space that they had long been the most-dominant company in the market. That is something that the company has wanted to avoid, and now, looks as though they will have no problem doing so.

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