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Google’s Inbox debuts on iPad, Android tablets, now works on Firefox, Safari


Google Inbox has finally made its way to iPad and Android tablets. If that’s not enough, you’ll even be able to use it outside of Chrome – as Google has also released support for Safari and Firefox, as well. The move comes a few months after a successful redesign and launch took place during the fall of the traditional Gmail app. Users will still need an invite to begin using Inbox, but this is the first major sign that users have had that Google is making serious progress with the mail app.

When Inbox was first released, it was dubbed the email application of the future – as it was billed to be an assistant inside your mailbox. While reviews have been mixed, since such a limited number of users have actually gotten to take advantage of the updated system – it remains a solid point for Google – as companies like Microsoft reinvents many of the productivity apps that exist on the platform. Ultimately, organization is what this app is going after and working to achieve.

It puts important emails in the focused portion of the email and can sort through the ones that are thought to be less-important. However, email purists believed that this would be too much to ask an app to do and that ultimately that would result in mismanagement of email as a whole. While there isn’t a ton of support beyond Gmail itself, Google says that they are also working on getting additional email servers covered and supported.

For those who want to start bundling their Gmail account, simply contact Google at inbox@google.com to request access to the app. Right now, it’s unclear whether the company plans on opening that up to the general public soon or if they’re waiting for additional features to go live before they jump to that stage of operation. As Inbox gets better at organizing and categorizing messages, it becomes more and more interesting to see how Google’s app handles the pressure. Moving forward Inbox should be a force to be reckoned with, but it will take a good amount of time before that can truly happen – as everything stands currently.

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