Lenovo has been under intense scrutiny over the course of the last several days, as information has become public, noting that the company pre-installs some adware that puts consumers at risk. The Superfish software that is installed generates a root certificate, which is then used to intercept HTTPS communication. Interestingly, this is something that has only caught heavy attention lately, and at the same time, something that is a major concern to those who use the Chinese-makers laptops and desktop computers.

That being said though, the company does not want to call this malware – even if it may very well be malware at its core, as far as it functions. Overall, the company argues that it removed the Superfish that existed on previous models in January, but skepticism remains. Chris Boyd, of Malwarebytes, pointed out a problem with preinstalled software or programs – of any variety – and how they impact a system and how it function by pointing out that, “Preinstalled software is always a concern because there’s often no easy way for a buyer to know what that software is doing — or if removing it will cause system problems further down the line.”

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Lenovo says that they are working on thoroughly investigating any and all information into the adware that was installed on the computers, and is working to resolve the situation immediately. However, for those running Lenovo devices, it can be a hard pill to swallow as major questions about security, and how safe users information is on the computer – are easily raised.

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All of that being said though, it would appear as though users will have to swallow that pill – or jump from Lenovo entirely, and with an unknown number of PC’s infected, it’s unclear how bad the situation really is. Right now, the company has taken Superfish offline, and is working on a solution to fix ultimately what it has so obviously caused. The damage that has been done to the company as far as a public image standpoint is concerned is probably going to be pretty significant when compared in the long-term.


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