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Samsung Galaxy S6: Here’s the first glimpse of #TheNextGalaxy


Samsung has released a series of coded tweets that might suggest what the next Galaxy device will look like. Interestingly though, Samsung isn’t going out of their way to show us, as much as they’re willing to tell us. Photos that bear the “I am #TheNextGalaxy,” as well as a message that many are saying is ripped right out of Microsoft’s productivity slang. It reads, “The faster I am, the more that gets done,” a voice says on a video. The marketing definitely seems to be more powerful than in years past, but it also sets the bar very high for the launch that is coming in just a little more than a week at the March 1st Mobile World Congress.

Another image that was tweeted out by Samsung read, “Get more done. Get more time,” which has raised a lot of questions, and eyebrows by those anticipating the device. A new report has suggested that the battery might actually be smaller on this device than it has on the Galaxy S5, which would raise serious questions about how it would function. This combined with the fact that the reports have been mixed regarding what type of processor, or chipset would even be inside the device – many bouncing between the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and the Exynos 7420 processor developed by Samsung – has made many questions how much of an improvement this smartphone will be over its predecessor.

The device is likely to feature 4GB of RAM, as well as a 5-inch Super AMOLED screen, and Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Add in a 20MP rear-facing camera, as well as a 5MP front-facing camera, with 32GB of internal storage – and users should be left with an impressive device. However, for all of the features and the quality that Samsung is saying this smartphone will bring to the table, it will all be for not if the company doesn’t deliver on its promises.

Samsung Galaxy S6 might not pass on Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 after all

Samsung is at an important crossroad when it comes to their device, and it will really be important for the company to deliver this time for its users. The features and the technology that’s going into this design would appear as though it could be one of the most cutting edge devices that have ever hit the market. If it does not, then it would be a cutting edge failure that could cost Samsung greatly.

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