Pebble is displaying a countdown on their website to signify the apparent launch of a new smartwatch. The company stormed the wearable space in 2013 with the launch of affordable and highly-functional devices that really made it easy for the non-wearable user to enter the smartwatch market. It’s been an exciting month for Pebble as they announced earlier in the month that they had reached the one millionth smartwatch shipped since launching in 2013.

Pebble’s countdown, which is displayed on the company website is interesting for a lot of reasons. Most notably, it’s interesting because the company has already talked about adding a new smartwatch to their already popular lineup of devices. Right now, the traditional Pebble watch costs $99, and the Pebble Steel costs $199. The upgraded version is a little more durable and brings a couple minor upgrades – but largely is just as functional as the base-model.

Pebble Countdown 2015

The company is said to be introducing a new software platform to compete better with some of the bigger names on the market – but interestingly, the company hasn’t had much of a challenge competing with bigger names in the tech market – like Motorola and Samsung. However, Pebble is significantly smaller than its competing companies, so it’s important to note that there will likely be a serious overhaul to the smartwatch lineup at Pebble.

The fact that the next big thing that Pebble is counting down to might not be a piece of physical hardware or a device at all is telling of what its users are saying. Those who use Pebble aren’t at all disappointed with what they get out of the device, and the rumor that the company will be adding the ability to send customized messages is definitely interesting. It points to the fact that the company is working toward implementing software that could really change the game for Pebble watches. Since the company already has a hardware that is enjoyed throughout the industry – it would make sense that Pebble begin working on software that can equally impact the tech space.

How impactful the next week remains to be seen, and it remains to be seen just how big this announcement is going to be – but if it even is half as exciting as Pebble is making it seem, the tech space should definitely begin bracing itself now for something that could really be a big step for wearable technology.