If you want to buy the HTC One smartphone but are not interested in signing a contract, then you can purchase the unlocked HTC One right away for a price of $800. So, $800 is the price you will have to pay in order to get you hands on one of the best next-gen smartphones in the market.

According to the report form YouMobile.org, Amazon resellers are currently offering the unlocked HTC One for a price of $800. According to the announcement made by HTC, the company will also be launching a Developer Edition of the HTC One which will have 64 GB of internal storage and will come with an unlocked SIM, unlocked bootloader, and will cost $649. However, this Developer Edition smartphone will not be available for sale for everyone as it is a version specially made for developers. So if you are a developer and have already planned to get this special edition HTC One, then be ready with your money because the device is expected to arrive by the 19th of April.

Coming back to the point, if you feel that $800 is a big price to pay for the unlocked HTC One, then you can get the HTC One for a cost of $199.99 along with a two year contract offered by AT&T. Along with AT&T, there will be many other carriers who will soon announce the final plans for the HTC One. Once they do, you can decide whether you want to buy the unlocked HTC One $800 or buy it for $199.99 along with a two year contract.

By the way, the $199.99 price for the HTC One is applicable only to the 32 GB model which will be available right from the start. The 64 GB version will cost about $100 more than the 32 GB version and will not be available right away. HTC said that consumers who want to buy the 64 GB version (contract free or with a contract) might have to wait for some extra time, because initially only the 32 GB version will be available.


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