Apple has had its own share of problems when it comes to iOS 8. Whether it was rollout that was having issues, or continued bugs that seem to have made themselves so apparent on the operating system – that users are now giving up on ever seeing a change – until iOS 9 comes along, anyway. That being said, it certainly hasn’t impacted the bottom line of the company, as Apple recorded the best quarter of business in the history of business last fiscal quarter. However, the company has listened to their customers, and they want more users trying out their product before it actually goes live.

This though, as the report first indicated, isn’t something that’s entirely new for Apple. They’ve already executed a certain style of beta tests with their desktop computers – with relative success in terms of getting users onboard and getting feedback that really did prove to be beneficial. However, it remains to be seen how effective it will work out to be. If Apple does run these programs to beta test their mobile operating system before it goes live for everyone — as Microsoft does with its Windows platform — then we should expect to see that beta go live in the coming month for iOS 8.3, and then this summer for iOS 9 – as it would likely work to stay ahead of the traditional launch time for the new operating system.

Apple iOS 8 outshines Android in the US with 72% of Adoption Rate

The bottom line is that Apple simply wants to avoid the problems and the issues that have plagued the company with this operating system. While we’re not talking about issues that have made iOS 8 as hated as an operating system like Windows 8 – we are still talking about issues with connectivity, data consumption, battery life, and more which all have serious impacts on the bottom line of the business, and the performance of their devices – which is crucial to their business. If this plan does work out for Apple, then it will likely be seen as a big step for the company because traditionally they have been very secretive about what their operation looks like and are regularly working to maintain secrecy with their operating systems.


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