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Wake up Neo! Apple reportedly making ‘insanely great’ electric vehicle (like Tesla)


Apple has been rumored to be working on an electric car for a while now. Amid rumors that the company has put together a secret coalition of experts and employees to guide the process, as well as the litigation that is coming from companies who believe that they have their employees poached from the Cupertino in an effort to enter their market – and what you’re left with is a very interesting combination of intel, as well as speculation. It’s a balance really that isn’t entirely clear at this point. While Apple is clearly getting into the automotive space to some degree, it isn’t entirely clear how involved they will be getting. Are they working to create a vehicle? Or are they working to develop something else that will impact the automotive space in a different way?

Those who feel that it wouldn’t be likely for the personal tech giant to put together an iCar in the near-future are people who believe that the company wouldn’t want to give up massive earnings and margins in exchange for tiny margins and high-risk investment. However, on the opposing side, those who believe that Apple would most-definitely create a car and enter the automotive space believe that Apple is ultimately in one of the worst places a company could be in. While their financials are spectacular, and they’re completely dominating the market – the biggest challenge is knowing what the next big thing will be, and not letting it pass by.

However, the big challenge is leveraging that work. Ultimately, users would have to get behind an Apple car as much as the company itself would have to get behind. Electric cars are clearly the push to the future – even if they are not the mainstream push to the future right now – they are absolutely trendy in the tech space. Companies like Apple are working always to develop the next big thing, and with companies like Google and Tesla both getting into the automotive space and really pushing to revolutionize it – it creates a position that Apple doesn’t like being in.

Elon Musk hires about 150 Ex-Apple employees to Tesla Motors

Change is likely coming when it comes to Apple and the automotive space, but until there is more evidence to suggest that the company will produce a car by 2020 – really the speculation will lead nowhere. The moves that Apple has made could be explained and rationalized as moves that any company would make who wants to have some sort of automotive presence. However, that presence does not guarantee that the company will be creating an actual vehicle for sale on the public market.

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