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Facebook Home app is now available on Google Play Store

The Facebook Home app is now available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded on all Android devices for free. Facebook Home is available as a separate app, so if you are simply trying to update your current Facebook app, then you will not be able to get Facebook Home. Download the Facebook Home app here.

It has hardly been a week since Facebook announced the Facebook Home, the company’s new home on Android. And now this new home is open for you, just go ahead and download it from the Google Play Store. But there is a catch, Facebook’s Android launcher is currently available only to US based users and is supported only be a select number of devices. These devices include the HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It has been said that the HTC One and Galaxy S4 will receive the support in the near future.

This new app – Facebook Home is actually a family of Facebook apps that will customize your entire device in order to convert it into a Facebook phone just like the HTC First. It’s is a transformation that Facebook fans will surely love. If you have already heard about Cover Feed, then this is the new system that will be taking over your home screen and lock screen. It will continuously give you updates on what your friends are doing without requiring you to launch the app or unlock your phone.


There is another trendy feature called Chat Heads. Using Chat Heads, you will see a round icon with the face of the person with whom you are chatting. This chat feature also works with your SMS and Facebook messaging and will pop up new alerts on top of the app you are currently viewing.

If you are not interested in downloading the Facebook Home app, then you can also update your normal Facebook app and Facebook Messenger app in order to make use of some of the Facebook Home features that these apps have after the update (Yes, both these apps have also been updated to support Facebook Home).

There are chances that you will experience difficulties while download the Facebook Home app. The reason might be that many users are trying to access Google servers at the same time, hence increasing the load. Many consumers reported that they were unable to load the Google Play link and download the app. If this happens to you as well, then we suggest that you try again after some time.

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