Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer is pushing the company to the mobile frontier with a mobile developer suite that will hopefully attract those developers that would ultimately be making Yahoo a force in the mobile space once again. Last year, the acquisition of Flurry Analytics was seen as a precursor to this very move. “Today is about building innovative, game-changing applications,” Mayer said at Yahoo’s first ever mobile developer conference. The move is about making money, and finding new ways to drive more money to Yahoo’s banks. The way the company is looking to achieve this is by utilizing ads through the developer suite that will bring even more developers on board over the course of the next several months.

This though is all a system that will work off of what Flurry has already achieved. 630,000 apps, which were developed by as many as 200,000 developers are what Flurry boasts right now, and that number will likely continue to grow now that Yahoo is working so hard to make their presence felt in the mobile space. After Mayer had spoken, CEO of Simon Khalaf pointed out how mobile shopping had become a serious force in terms of mobile trends. Perhaps one of the biggest areas for companies like Yahoo to cash in on when it comes to mobile development is taking advantage of the trends in shopping.

Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite

Mayer said, “Mobile at Yahoo went from being a hobby, with just 50 people working on it, to more than a quarter of our business last year, and we’d like to help you do the same,” and that really is an accurate picture for Yahoo as a company in this particular sector of the tech space. It all comes down to the timing of entering into a market – and at the end of the day – this is the most-important time for Yahoo to get in here, and really make a thorough go. Yahoo will have to work hard over the next several months to prove that they are serious about this move into the mobile development space. It might not be as challenging as some might think since Yahoo already has a number of very popular apps that they have put together themselves.