Latest rumors indicate that the Apple iPhone 5S will debut in the month of July and will be available in 3 different colors. Two of these colors will be the regular ones – Black and White, along with a third new color that has not been disclosed yet.

The Apple iPhone 5S has been in talks since the beginning of the year. There have been many rumors giving out the possible hardware configurations, design and so on. One of these rumors which did get a lot of attention was the one which said that the next-gen Apple iPhones (iPhone 5S) will be available in a variety of colors just like the latest generation of Apple iPod Touch.

Once again, there has been an update which says that the Apple iPhone 5S will not be available in 8 different colors. According to the Japanese blog Mac Otakara, when the Apple iPhone 5S will hit the shelves by July, the device will be available in three different color options.

Two of these colors will be the standard color options that Apple has always offered – Black and White. However, there will be a new third color said the Japanese blog. The blog said that it got this information from a trusted source, but the source did not disclose the third color option.

If you check out the information provided on this blog, then the Google translation will say ‘3 colors added to 2 colors of iPhone 5,’ meaning that there will be 3 new colors added to the existing two. But the actual translation is, ‘One new color will be added to the iPhone 5’s existing two color options for a total of three colors.’

Regardless of this update, there is still a possibility that Apple might be planning to add a lot of new color options. We believe that Apple will launch a new budget iPhone which according to us will be the iPhone 5S and will be targeted towards the low and mid-segment consumers. The actual next-gen smartphone will be the Apple iPhone 6 which will be way better than anything we can imagine right now.

Apple certainly needs to focus on every segment of consumers and has to come up with something unique and affordable for the segment that constitutes a majority of consumers. Latest rumors also indicate that Apple will be launching not one but two iPhones by the month of July. The first one will be the budget iPhone (the one with a lot of color options) and the second one will be the Apple iPhone 6 (the one which might have three color options).