Google wants enterprise users, after a successful launch of their renovated and updated email service for mobile devices, as well as desktop devices called “Inbox.” Inbox by Gmail was originally billed to be the replacement to Gmail, but after a long period of testing and trials – the company decided to leave Gmail in place. That being said, Inbox had an incredibly successful launch, and it was so successful, in fact, that users began asking when the company would release the enterprise edition that would allow those corporate users to bring Inbox to work.

It would appear as though the company has heard those words and have taken them seriously. The company announced today that they would be bringing Inbox to Google Apps, which is where the corporate and enterprise suite offerings tend to reside. The company also announced that the offerings would be small to begin – but would grow as testing was successful. Interestingly, Inbox is still in an “invite only” phase itself, which raises a lot of questions about how long it could take the enterprise version of the app to make it to a public stage.

That though, for a large number of corporate employees who love Gmail, is not a concern. Google noted that anyone who was interested in trying this product when they launched it in March would simply have to send an email to and he or she would ultimately be taken care of, and added to the Trial list. They did note though that the group of individuals who would be accepted into the trial program would be incredibly small to start. Obviously, as time goes on they will open that group up more, and invite more users – however, it would appear as though the company wants to make sure that they have their proverbial ducks in a row – before they do anything too drastic.

Google’s Inbox debuts on iPad, Android tablets, now works on Firefox, Safari

Especially since security is one major concern. While the “for work” version of Inbox will have additional features – like better capability in terms of organization and productivity – it will also feature additional security that will make it safe to use at work. That’s something that Google can’t take lightly, so they have to work well to ensure that this launches as well as possible to keep users satisfied. The “for work” message though that Google is sending with the launch of this service was backed up by a very aggressive statement. It said, “Inbox wasn’t created to reinvent email, Inbox was created to help you reinvent the way you get things done. This means we need to understand more about how things get done (or don’t) today. And with your feedback, who knows, we could reinvent the way people work.”

In all, Google has set the bar very high – and this is just one step in what will be a very long process, getting Inbox to a larger volume of users. Especially those who use Inbox at work.