Google announced via YouTube’s official blog that YouTube Kids would has launched today, and in the process would become the first rendition of an exclusively child-friendly video service that the tech company has worked on or made live officially. Even more impressive is the fact that Google has decided to launch the app on both the App Store, as well as the Google Play store.

Originally, there were some conflicting reports that indicated the company would only be releasing the YouTube Kids app on Android devices, but it would appear as though the company either had planned all along that an iOS launch was coming or they heard the rumblings, and ensured that there was an app to launch on iOS, as well. The launch of this product though, for Google, comes at a time when parents and families are spending more time on YouTube, watching videos – and seeing an increasingly ranging variety of content offerings.

Google pointed out that this was “the first Google product built from the ground up with little ones in mind.” While that reads as a declaration of commitment to creating a product that is suitable for children, and their parents peace of mind – that also speaks to Google’s relative inexperience in creating a mobile product for those who are increasingly young. Their blog post goes into pretty significant detail talking about the landscape change that this could create – giving extremely young children safe access to YouTube – citing the likes of four or five year olds utilizing the service – but the truth is that the target audience is significantly older than that.

It would be more-likely that this would be a product that could eventually be explored in school, as well as other arenas where sites like YouTube are blocked due to the inappropriate content that is actually on those platforms. YouTube for Kids will offer a lot of original content as well, and will have a host of content options that make sense for kids that age. Options like Reading Rainbow, DreamWorks TV, Jim Henson TV, Mother Goose Club and many more make YouTube for Kids something that could really take off for Google – but that is only if they police it well-enough to ensure that inappropriate content doesn’t make it through.

Google has already created some guidelines that will ensure that the content that is on the platform is appropriate. Cursing will be eliminated from the content, as well as comments – which are oftentimes a breeding ground for inappropriate content – especially for children. The launch of YouTube for Kids is just the latest move in an effort to really push Google into some new mobile markets that haven’t really been tapped yet.