Samsung is nearing the official launch of the Galaxy S6 and now along with several coded tweets from the company itself, T-Mobile and Sprint are also joining in the increasing excitement. The duo is the first of service providers in the United States to advertise the device, which is expected to launch on March 1st during Unpacked 2015 event at Mobile World Congress 2015. The event, which will showcase several launches including the HTC One M9, will see the official unpacking event of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The device that has been billed as the smartphone to change the perception of Samsung’s mobile operation entirely.

The image that has been shared on the operators’ website reads “Six Appeal” and it shows a picture of a Samsung device with a curved screen. This is one of the first major feature releases that we’ve seen with the Galaxy S6 and a major point of contention so far. Many were on the fence regarding the certainty of the curved display, but now, it would appear as though Samsung is going all in on the curved display.

Six Appeal

However, a 5.1-inch display combined with what will likely be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor – here in the United States, with 3GB of RAM – as well as a 16 or 20MP rear-facing camera paired with a 5MP front-facing shooter – the smartphone will likely not disappoint from any angle. The combination of features, as well as paired technology, make this device second-to-none and really allow Samsung to plant its feet in 2015 and put last year behind them once and for all.

While nothing is certain between now and then, users and fans of Android will not have to wait long before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6, and ultimately we will know for sure what is coming with the Galaxy, and what is not coming.


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