Google is changing the rules of its Blogger platform, which will no longer allow sexually explicit graphics, or videos to be shared or published on the platform. The changes will go into effect on March 23rd and any “graphic nude images or video” that remains on the site will be hidden from the general public, and made private – along with the blog in question which published the information in the first place. Google has also pointed out that the content will not be deleted and that it will be up to the blog owner to actually remove the content – or face being made private until the changes are officially made to the blog.

However, Google confused matters by pointing out that they would still allow nudity if it fell into certain categories, like if it were for scientific purposes, educational purposes or had an artistic background. Previously, Google would allow authors to publish the offending images and label them as “adult” but now it would appear as though they’re backpedaling on that move. Interestingly though this could spell disaster for Blogger, which is owned and operated by Google.

Competition is particularly stiff in this area on the Internet, and Tumblr, which was purchased by Yahoo in 2013, hasn’t made a move on inappropriate content like sexually explicit images or videos. While users have to do quite a bit of searching to find content that is inappropriate – it isn’t something that has been harshly debated. Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Meyer said that she would have no part of changing the service when Yahoo purchased it and risking harming what Tumblr had built for itself.

Now though, it would appear as though Google is making the first step in actually changing the way blogging platforms read. While Blogger and Tumblr are both very popular – WordPress is another platform that has largely stayed out of the explicit conversation. However, all blogging platforms might have to start answering to complaints about inappropriate content as they all become more frequently used by people on the Internet.