Gemalto is doing everything in its power to ensure that the negative attention around a hack into the system of the company does not maintain its energy. This comes shortly after the company noted that there was an intrusion to some degree, which was both sophisticated and specific enough that it could have been committed by the United States or British government.

The French company produces SIM chips that ultimately go into smartphones and are widely used. Interestingly though, it wasn’t long before reports began surfacing that the NSA had actually compromised the encryption keys of the SIM chips. Ultimately, this type of tampering wouldn’t just be a massive violation of international trust but would also seriously compromise the security of smartphones and mobile technology as a whole.

The company noted though that “the operation very probably happened,” but cited that “it’s difficult to prove our conclusions legally, so we’re not going to take legal action.” While it’s difficult to say what happened with complete certainty, as a whole, this is definitely something that will be worth watching as we move forward.

Interestingly, even though billions of cell phones could theoretically be compromised, it hasn’t really caused any widespread panic or concern. Instead, people have maintained a relatively tame outlook on the situation – since so many facts are still unknown, and the likelihood of being able to prove anything – is clearly barely there. If that’s not enough though Gemalto has definitely garnered a reputation of appearing as a company that is covering its own tracks for shortcomings that have ultimately caused a major security concern. However, this type of compromise has become commonplace. Just last week Lenovo had their own security issue that caused the company a significant amount of public relation damage.


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