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Google Play Music bumps Music Library Upload Limit to 50K Songs


Google Play Music wants to make it easier for users to upload and stream their music on the go with their service. Previously, the limit for the maximum number of songs that could be uploaded was 20,000, but now, Google thought that the limit was simply too low. Now, Google will be allowing users to upload and store as many as 50,000 songs on their cloud service to stream it on the go. It will certainly please their music-savvy customers.

Interestingly, for those who were using an MP3 player to stream music – it wasn’t as possible for users to break away from those old school devices that would hold massive amounts of music. Now though, users will be able to add music from iTunes, from their computer, or from their MP3 file database, and decide how much they want to put into their Google Play Music stream, and not have to worry about what the consequences might be.

The limits that music streaming services put on how the user can upload much music is definitely something that has been a point of contention thus far for Google Play Music, in actually gaining a lot of popularity. However, this move to expand that out and make their cloud storage larger is something that users will celebrate – now that the opportunity has arrived. Impressively though, the sheer volume of content that is allowed to be uploaded now is significantly more than what would previously be expected in an update. While many would presume that an update would mean more songs, very few expected this kind of storage space to be freed up for their music.

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While this might not be the most groundbreaking thing that has happened to Google Play Music – it picks up much slack that the company was previously seeing in its music service. Play Music has performed well, and looks as though it will continue to perform well, but it’s important to continue expanding your options – especially for those who actually pay for their music the old-fashioned way. To claim the free storage upgrade users will simply have to login and update their account.

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