Facebook’s advertising presence is growing, and recent information released by the company would indicate that in addition to skyrocketing growth, the company is also making money hand over fist. The company noted that Facebook’s advertising platform now featured 2 million active monthly advertisers. Which was a 33% increase from what was previously 1.5 million active advertisers. Facebook pointed out though that the number of advertisers within their network might even be larger than this since they noted that active advertisers only include those individuals who have advertised on the social network in the last 30 days.

The 33% jump was one that took place from July 2014 to this last month – that is an impressive jump for such a short period. Small businesses apparently make up the largest number of advertisers on the social network. According to Facebook, those advertisers spend between $5 and $50 per day, which is a pretty significant amount – considering Facebook has 2 million active advertisers.

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Interestingly though, Facebook’s presence isn’t cutting into Google’s share, too much. It was noted by an economic research firm called eMarketer that Google’s advertising share since 2013 globally has only dipped less than a half of a full percentage point. It’s impressive considering the ground that Facebook is making up with their own increases. Facebook’s share increased from 5.75% to 7.75% in the exact same period.

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It’s worth noting though that Facebook is making tons of money on advertising, as that is a major reason why the company has been able to work on some of the expensive projects that they’ve taken on. In the fourth-quarter of 2014 Facebook had accounted $3.85 billion in revenue, and much of that came from advertising. It’s been indicated by Facebook that as much as 69% of that overall revenue comes from the mobile and advertising spectrum. Facebook has done historically well when it comes to planting themselves into the advertising space, and it has paid dividends for the company from top to bottom. Allowing them to move the company in directions that otherwise would need to be waited on, due to evolving costs and expenses.