Apple has finally officially announced the event that will likely reveal the highly anticipated Apple Watch. The event will be taking place in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and the media will also be invited to the event. While the Apple Watch already had one reveal last year, this is expected to be Apple’s final attempt at selling the device to the general public before the device goes on sale – likely in the beginning of April.

The event has been tagged with the slogan – “Spring Forward,” which is a play on words to indicate obviously that the Apple Watch will be coming in just a couple weeks. The historic value of this launch is important because it will be the first genuinely new product that the company has launched under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook – who took over for Steve Jobs. Previously, the last well-known release was the iPad, which launched in 2010 with a lot of flare and popularity. However, as iPad sales have struggled over the course of the last couple years – Apple is viewing this as an opportunity to spike their success even more.

Apple Watch March 9 Event

The company just came off a record-breaking quarter of business, and a market valuation that continues to climb by the day. Even more impressively, the early numbers for the Apple Watch would indicate that the device is going to move a large volume of watches. It will start at $350 for the Sport model, but cost has never been something that has made Apple customers flinch. Rather, some have suggested that as much as a quarter of all iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users could end up making a purchase on an Apple Watch in the first year.

This event though might not be exclusively for the Apple Watch. Some have been speculating that the updated MacBook Air, as well as some information about the future of Beats Music and their streaming service, could likely be up for chatter at the “Spring Forward,” event. While this isn’t a launch like what we see with the iPhone, this definitely will be one of the biggest events ever to grace the Apple world, especially as they ready to announce a blockbuster product.