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DeepMind: One step for Google, One leap for Artificial Intelligence


Google is pushing Artificial Intelligence even further. The latest push in AI development has come through an Artificial Intelligence system known as “Agent,” by its creators. The impressive AI system successfully learned 49 different retro computer games – and even developed its own personalized strategies for winning them, without human aid. That being said, it certainly gives light to the frightening notion that what Elon Musk, Bill Gates and some others have said about Artificial Intelligence and what it could do to humanity if it were to begin working against us and work to service its own means.

DeepMind was the company that actually executed the build of this technology. Google purchased the British company last year and was purchased in an effort to push the company’s movement really toward creating smart machines forward. Demis Hassabis, who is the founder of DeepMind, said in a statement, “This is the first significant rung of the ladder towards proving a general learning system can work. It can work on a challenging task that even humans find difficult. It’s the very first baby step towards that grander goal … but an important one.”

This is an important moment for the AI world as a whole, and as it begins to play a larger role in the world of technology – it’s really becoming a race to see who can create the better artificial intelligence more quickly. In recent memory, we have AI systems like Watson, which was built by IBM – that really speak to how far computers and computer systems have come.

However, this is an impressive accomplishment because the computer, in this case, was not preloaded or programmed in any way with the rules that exist. Rather, the system had to learn the rules itself and figure out its own strategies for coping with the rules as they exist. Impressively, the system did it without actually gaining any knowledge beforehand. Overall though, this does not mean that humanity will be plagued by and destroyed by AI anytime soon. Rather, this is just a very powerful step in the right direction for Google, who is looking to get ahead in the age of smart tech devices.

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