VLC has received an update on a number of different platforms and operating systems, and the reviews are as positive as they could be. VLC became famous for its cross-platform video playback, as well as its existence as an open-source product. Consumers love open source, and there is a very good reason for that. Reasons that ultimately, VLC, otherwise known as the VideLAN player have handled in every aspect. Its design and its build are ultimately aimed at doing things that QuickTime and Windows Media Player will not do.

While that isn’t an outlandish policy, it is one that has become incredibly popular – and now that the organization has added a number of updates for mobile platforms, as well as desktop platforms – making the video player a “can’t miss” on all fronts. That being said though, the update was not only something that would set the video player out as the best in the industry – but something that the organization needed to release.

The Windows version of the update does some great things like automatically aligning the video if it is shot in a mode that is foreign to the natural window that you’re looking at. Similarly, the updates expand into coding upgrades, as well as video integration updates that make the entire process of watching a video run smoother. Even more impressive is the fact that VideoLAN is said to be working on version 3.0 of this software for all running systems as well. This is something that can, and likely would completely change the landscape in terms of how people interact with VLC. The biggest change will likely be the update of the interface that many agree is badly in need of repair. The changes that will be coming are changes that will take the video player to the next level – even as it already has reached an incredible cross-platform point.