Twitter wants to make it safer on its social network. The company announced that they would be introducing tools that would allow the social network to track phone numbers of users who frequently “troll” other users. The move is set in place to stop ultimately those individuals who create several accounts to create havoc on the social network will be stopped before they can formally open new accounts. Once a phone number is registered and blocked, that number will not be able to open new accounts.

However, the advancements of this feature will not just help in the space of stopping trolls on the social network. Rather, Twitter is hoping that this feature will help collectively fight the safety issues that arise on the social networking platform. Users have frequently complained that the level of security and prevention – not to mention the reporting tools – all fell short. That being said, the moves that Twitter has made over the course of the last year have been great moves in the right direction for the company.

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They knew though that there was still work to do, and still acknowledges that to this day. The move though to create this system – where phone numbers are tracked is one of the most complete ways for actually ensuring that the users who do, in fact, commit those acts of “trolling” are kept under control. Focusing on these things is ultimate security as a whole on Twitter will help ensure that the brand continues to thrive. Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo has even gone as far as pointing out that he does take full-responsibility for the shortcomings of Twitter in terms of security and keeping users safe on their social network when it comes to other users.