Uber announced at the end of the week that the company had suffered a data breach in May 2014 that could have uncovered the personal information of as many as 50,000 drivers. In the breach, the company noted that it was a database breach, and happened during the spring. However, it wasn’t discovered until September of 2014. The breach would have uncovered the names and driver’s license numbers of thousands of drivers and could adversely impact as many as 50,000 who worked for the rideshare service.

The company said that the breach took place on one particular day in May, but also offered that it was likely only drivers for the rideshare company who was put at risk due to the breach. This though is not a new thing for a company to have its secure networks breached. Uber has noted in a blog post that the data breach was certainly from a third-party and wasn’t an inside job.

This is just the most recent example of a company having inadequate security measures for keeping those who want to obtain information illegally out. Ultimately, breaches like those seen at Home Depot, Target, and Uber are all simply now a part of life in this new era of technology and information, but it’s something that has to be dealt with. Companies have to take this more seriously, and they have to begin working on better methods of protecting their customers – but also their employees – who face similar risks.

Uber noted that as soon as they found out about the breach, they followed standard operating protocols to ensure that access passwords were changed; methods were changed, and that their employees who were impacted were secured. Now though, they’re offering their members a free membership to Experian, who monitors credit scores and can watch for fraudulent activity – since driver’s license numbers, and a lot of information was lost in the process.


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