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Google’s new Space-Age Moving HQ like Lego bricks in Mountain View


Google has always had innovative ideas when it comes to creating things. Most of those things though are tech-related and don’t always involve the physical pieces or property. Instead, most of the innovation that comes out of the Google labs, usually pertains to intellectual property. Impressively though, the tech and search giant has managed to combine both intellectual and physical innovation with the design of their soon-to-be headquarters in Mountain View, California.

The move is one that many are calling futuristic, and comparing it to a theme park concept – rather than the design of a giant corporation. However, the plans that Google has submitted reveal just how much future the company wants to put into their headquarters – and we’re not just talking about the shape. It will not look like your traditional headquarters and it will be put together in a unique way, but the focus is very clear – according to David Radcliffe, who is the vice president of real estate at Google.

He said, “This project is about much more than just office space; it’s about doing more with the local community as well.” Ultimately, getting the community involved with the project – working with restaurants and local businesses, was something that Google wanted to do seriously, and done, so they have. They have plans to create more retail opportunities, as well as general business opportunities.

While not every person in Mountain View is sold on the concept, it’s one that will employ some really unique features. For example, Google is floating the concept of not utilizing any traditional desks. Many within Google have compared this plan and this building to a greenhouse. They believe that it will employ the same feeling, and the same features as greenhouses do, and ultimately this will play well for Google in their work environment – fostering growth, opportunity, and success.

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Google has even gone as far as to describe it as a Lego-style concept that will ensure that this project is not a simple one-step process. Instead, it will be multiple layers – with many players involved to make something equally large, as impressive come together.

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