HTC has officially unveiled the One M9, which has been at the center of Internet debate for the last several months. HTC One M9 is the third flagship edition in the One family, and is receiving mixed reviews because it doesn’t necessarily do anything to identify itself really. The company kept the things that worked well with the smartphone before, keeping the trusted design, metal finish, and high-quality audio – but ultimately – the device fell short for the things that it didn’t quite do as well as it could have.

The first thing worth noting is that the device features a 5-inch Full HD display, which isn’t bad by any means but doesn’t necessarily stand out – as other Android devices have delivered more pixels. It also isn’t the largest, in a market now that is becoming dominated by larger screens – this will either be a selling point or a detriment to the One M9. It features a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor – an industry best. It also boasts 3GB of RAM – that is an improvement of 1GB over the previous edition of the One flagship lineup, but isn’t anything that really stands out.

HTC One M9 Back

As usual the device will come with a standard 32GB option, with expandable memory through the microSD slot. It will accommodate up to 128GB of memory. It has an impressive HTC’s BoomSound, a 20MP rear-facing camera, and an HTC UltraPixel front-facing camera. Interestingly, the UltraPixel had gotten a lot of negative publicity for last year after the technology didn’t work out the way HTC had hoped on the actual market. In addition, the company has also moved the power button from the top to the right edge.

The battery is a little larger in this device, as it brings home a 2840mAh battery, which gives the device 402 standby hours on a 3G network. The device is running Android 5.0 Lollipop with HTC Sense running on the top of that – but that came as expected. There wasn’t anyone who thought a flagship Android device would be launched in 2015 from any of the major names in the Android space without Lollipop. Overall though, the device looks like it will deliver on all fronts, but it left some individuals underwhelmed. The HTC family will be introducing a silver, black, gold, and pink color option – that will give users more choice than they’ve had previously.

Overall, it looks like a solid device that will deliver for users who are looking for a flagship device, and are fans of what HTC has already done to date because there isn’t anything new or really overwhelmingly exciting about this device. The price tag and launch date don’t even look like they’ll be that exciting – as the company noted that it would likely launch at some point this month. Best Buy leaked the AT&T version of the device that was retailing for $649 without a contract, which would suggest that the contract price would be roughly $200 for the base model.

HTC One M9 Launch Event at MWC 2015