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Intel shows off SoFIA, Cherry Trail SoCs, XMM 7360 Modem at MWC 2015


Intel has been busy throughout Mobile World Congress 2015 instilling faith upon their customers, as well as their investors, by introducing some of the best upcoming pieces of technology that will find their way into some of the biggest products in the computing space that launch over the course of the next year, to two years.

While it hasn’t been a secret that the company is working on some new hardware for upcoming Intel running devices, the fact that they introduced three new Atom mobile processors that will function very well for their respective size and give some additional firepower for future pieces of mobile computing technology. The Atom X3, X5, and X7 SoCs will be some of the most impressive mobile processors that the company has put together, which will solidifies the company’s approach heading further into 2015. That being said though, they aren’t the only ones that Intel has sitting in its lineup. In addition, they boast some of the biggest power that has been seen to date.

The X3 (SoFIA) is designed for smartphones and entry-level tablets. While the X5 and X7 (Cherry Trail) will be for the heavier duty tablets and higher functioning smartphones. They will also be the first group to integrate LTE capabilities. Both will be 64-bit processors that feature 3G and LTE capabilities respectively, and will be impressive additions to the lineup that Intel is currently offering.

All of this comes at a time when Intel is seeing an opportunity as Qualcomm struggles to gain traction with their latest Snapdragon processor. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that the ground is falling out from underneath Qualcomm – it definitely does show that Intel is serious about what they are doing. They’ve brought on some impressive hardware, and we will definitely be seeing more out of the company in terms of what they’re willing to bring to the table to become more mainstream within the mobile community – as more business trends that way, and laptops even become high-functioning tablets.

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