NVIDIA took the personal computing and gaming space by storm at the Game Developer Conference 2015 on Tuesday by announcing a brand-new edition to the GeForce TITAN X graphics card. The new GPU stands as the single most powerful thing that has crossed the personal computing world, and will do more than simply make waves at an event for having a casual, yet flashy launch. Jen-Hsun Huang said on stage, “We have launched the most advanced GPU ever,” before going on to point out that the company had decided to give the first one that was created to the founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney.

The addition of this model is something that many had seen coming, but to this extent it really wasn’t expected at all. To give some perspective, some within the industry have noted that this is almost twice as much as what others had expected heading into this event, and much more than what anyone would’ve even dreamed the company might put together – if conditions were absolutely perfect.

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang presented  NVIDIA TITAN X

However, NVIDIA has been a leader in the gaming graphics space for some time now. Additionally, they have been putting together some of the most important technological work that anyone has even seen in the gaming space – leaving their mark on everything from consoles to tablets. At this point, it is just a matter of how much further ahead can they get. They’re already the leaders in the industry – and events like this – when they’re launching such high-profile equipment while blowing away the competition – just proves that what they’re doing at NVIDIA is significantly better than what is being done elsewhere.


It is unclear right now how many products this GPU might actually be seen in, but at this point it’s the announcement that is exciting enough. As the rest of the tech world adjusts themselves and reseats themselves after this blockbuster announcement, it will be interesting to see where the industry as a whole goes from here. All of this came in the same period and at the same event as the company announced their new SHIELD console system that is also expected to make serious waves in the gaming space.