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Facebook removing Phony Accounts from Likes Count on Pages to show Factual Stats

Facebook Likes Count Changes

Facebook has been a hotspot for users and businesses alike to promote and share content that is relatable to their customers or users for years now. Business presence on Facebook has become a mainstay within the social networking space and become crucial to succeed in the modern era. That being said, Facebook is making a move that can be described as “spring cleaning.”

The move will mean those individuals who are promoting their business or profession on Facebook will begin to see fewer likes as a whole on their pages. The overall goal will be to provide better statistics for tracking how many likes a page actually has received. In doing so, Facebook will remove inactive accounts and memorialized pages from the total counts that exist at the top of the page in question. This will help make the overall numbers more accurate, and also work to limit the amount of filler or spam information that is seen on the social network.

While, some may not be in love with the changes, it will make it easier for users to get an accurate account of how many people like their pages. The new results will weed out the accounts that are either fake or simply deactivated, and mean those who run pages should see a small dip in the total number of likes they receive, but ultimately should balance itself out over time. Although, Facebook also noted that they would add any accounts that eventually become reactivated to the page like total.

Facebook says, “everyone benefits from meaningful information on Facebook,” and then went on to point out that “It’s our hope that this update makes Pages even more valuable for businesses,” on the official blog. This shows the direction that the company is going, seeing how they are finally cracking down on some of the inactive profiles that exist on the social network today.

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