Microsoft has finally unveiled the Office 2016 for Mac users as a public preview, which is the first of its kind. The new version of Office will bring Word, Excel, and all of the other services offered by the suite to the latest technology that Apple is putting inside its computers. That being said, Microsoft has taken a stronger focus on making sure that their cross-platform services are well-distributed and recently-updated to ensure that users are ultimately satisfied with the way things stand. For example, the three largest Office players – Word, PowerPoint, and Excel – will all be redesigned for an interface that features Retina display.

The biggest improvements according to those who have already taken advantage of the release say that the biggest improvement comes in terms of cloud support and integration a boost in productivity. Impressively, the company is offering the trial period for free until the preview ends – as Microsoft works to understand better where their opportunities are, and what their users are thinking. This is an important launch for Microsoft because they are so well-known for Office. Typically, the company offers a different updating schedule for Windows devices than they do for platforms like Mac, but at the end of the day – this all leans toward that new focus.

Microsoft said of the changes that, “It is unmistakably Office – but thoughtfully designed to take advantage of the unique features of the Mac. The new apps offer full retina display support with thousands of retina-optimized graphics, full-screen view for native immersive experiences, and even little Mac affordances like scroll bounce.” These are the things that will ultimately put Microsoft back in the good graces of those who lost faith in the Office suite, as time went on and the features became less impressive than the Windows version.

The company noted that collaboration was one of the biggest concerns when working on this version of Office for Mac. In previous versions – and even in previous Windows versions – users were frequently left with little option in terms of working with others and collaborating. Now though, Microsoft has begun correcting that aging problem.

Download: Office for Mac Preview