Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has kept a tight lid regarding the next edition of Windows Server, but now some of those tightly kept secrets are coming to light. Microsoft noted that they would be available in 2016 and that when they arrive they will be significantly different than as it currently exists. The company noted that the version of Windows Server that exists right now is simply not good enough for the computing needs that people have today and that ultimately a more cloud-based solution is what will be necessary.

That’s why the company will be releasing what will be referred to as a “Nano” version of the Windows Server. It will be lighter, cloud-based, and will ultimately create a better solution for the computing needs that are seen today. “We are going to have a cloud-optimised server,” Jeffrey Snover pointed out. The new server roadmap will consist of deep refactoring, client/server clarity, as well as containers to ultimately hold everything in place. This has been compared to a layer cake in the way that it will be set up – and ultimately will give Windows Server users an opportunity to see really what the functionality will be on this.

It’s promised to be something that the computing world has needed for some time, but something that ultimately hasn’t come to fruition for a number of reasons. The main reason why this hasn’t happened thus far was because Microsoft has held off a significant amount of time since the last launch of Windows Server, something that many critics of the company have found fault with. Now though, promising a system that could potentially last years and propel the company into the future – they seem to have many of their systems in place to take off in the beginning of 2016 when the next edition of Windows Server officially launches. The team is also investing a lot more when it comes to security on Windows Server, another major complaint that those who used it had before.