Apple has been working on a larger iPad for what seems like an eternity now. The company has been talking about one; reports have been suggesting that one is being worked on within the company, and suppliers have even been reportedly told to begin production at the beginning of 2015. That was until recently when reports surfaced this week that Apple had apparently told their suppliers to not begin production on the larger 12.9-inch iPad until the second half of this year.

While Apple hasn’t come out and publicly acknowledged that they are working on or even developing a larger iPad, the rumors have been rampant for ages now – and with the amount of good news that Apple has had to come its way – it’s somewhat surprising to see the company seemingly delay something like a 12.9-inch iPad that could completely revitalize iPad sales as a whole.

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However, the latest good news for Apple is that they are being added to the Dow Jones industrial average – that is the United States’ most iconic stock indexes. The move comes as the Down Jones industrial index decided to remove AT&T, and replace it with Apple – that is a big move for both companies. However, a bigger blow to AT&T than it is anyone else. That being said though David Blitzer, the managing director and chairmen of the Index Committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices pointed out that this was a long-time coming.

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He said, “As the largest corporation in the world and a leader in technology, Apple is the clear choice for the Down Jones industrial average, the most recognized stock market measure.” Even as some users might be unhappy with the fact that the 12.9-inch iPad has been delayed again, the amount of good news that continues to roll in for Apple is uncanny. At this point, consumers can rest assured that at some point – the larger iPad will certainly be a reality – so if waiting a few extra months before production can be dealt with, the end results should be pretty impressive.