uTorrent users are crying foul as some have found out the hard way that the latest update actually installs a cryptocurrency miner that will borrow from a computer’s processing power to mine for Bitcoins. While the company withdraws that any wrongdoing occurs, many users have found that the software is bundled with the download that is called Epic Scale.

BitTorrent, who is the parent company of uTorrent, pointed out, “We have reviewed the issue closely and can confirm there is no silent install happening…. Most likely these users accepted the offer during install.” This being the response that customers wanted to hear least, out of any of the things that the company could have said.

Either way though, it would appear as though if the company is going to be taken at face value, that there is something happening here that the user is ultimately allowing to happen. It underscores the importance of checking thoroughly for software that attempts to install with the things we download or buy. As BitTorrent went on to point out, “Like many software companies, we have partner’s offers in our install path and our policy is that they are strictly optional.”

Many though have pointed out that the solution is simple. Uninstall the Epic Scale program, and then delete the folder that is associated with the program. At that point, computing power will be restored to what it was before the install. However, that also sheds a lot of light on the situation as it relates to even noticing such a thing. If users don’t notice a decrease in computing power, then they won’t actually have any idea that something like this is installed on their computer – and then – even if it is known, it would take a fairly certain person to know that this is, in fact, what is causing the issues. Bitcoins have gained a lot of notoriety for the amount of money at which they can be exchanged for, as some websites have even gone to accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.