Apple wants to take on Spotify, and they think they are going to do it with their Beats streaming music service that is expected to launch early this summer. Right now, reports and all indications point toward a launch of the company’s new streaming music service at WWDC in June, which would specifically put it between the 8th and 12th of the month. While it would not be a shock to see it launch, it is something that a lot of people have questions about. Apple spent a lot of money on acquiring Beats, and many expect the company to do for its software, instead of hardware.

No one ever thought that the company was purchasing Beats for their headphones. Instead, many expected that the company would be launching some — sort of — music streaming service that could compete with, or possibly kill Spotify. However, with the amount of active users that Spotify has garnered, it may be the biggest challenge that the company has faced to date. That all being said though, this is expected to be major because this will be a platform that will reach multiple operating systems and ecosystems itself. It will not just be restricted to Apple-based products, and if it did, that would be the biggest mistake the company could make with such a product.

Comparatively, it is expected that Apple launch with the $7.99 per month price tag, and that ultimately this should drive a good number of users to their product and music family. The direct connection with the iTunes Store should also have a pretty profound impact on how popular the service becomes. Being able to jump simply from streaming music to downloading music – without any issue might be one of the most entertaining facts of this potential software.

The only issue would be determining what would be done with the users who want to “download” music, or make music available offline. Depending on how Apple handles this, given the fact that they have a serious stake in the “music for purchase” space, it would be important for Apple to have a good plan in place to compete with Spotify and their 15 million paying users who can download and make any number of playlists and songs available offline.

Either way, this is something that is clearly coming to fruition sooner than later, and it is something that no one will really be able to wait for once it launches. They will want to see a very good product up-front, or the entire move could wind up being a bust for Apple.