Oracle’s Java has generally been one of the most-popular downloads on Windows and Mac for practically as long as the Internet has existed. However, there is something in particular that Windows users have been used to that Mac users are just starting to see. For years, Oracle has added bloatware to their software bundles that users download, and often see things like the “Ask Toolbar” come up as an optional add for those who are going through the download process. While it has been widely seen within the Windows space, but not in Mac downloads to this point.

However, the issues that users see when this happens is something of an annoyance in addition to just being something that takes up extra space on the system. Ask though it has been widely considered intrusive within the computing industry. The bloatware that is passed on to users’ computers has been seen in many systems, and within many programs throughout the years. Windows users have just been forced to deal with, while Mac users have luckily been spared the extra software.

The odd part is that is a relatively tame search engine that really doesn’t have any negative connotation if it were not for the wave of unwanted software that is added and bundled with programs like Java. Yet, this has widely been seen for years. Even with programs that aren’t run by Oracle, or called Java. Whether you’re downloading a program from the Internet in digital form or if you’re contending with a hard copy, like what would be purchased in a store – this really has been a common practice. Mac users though, feel as though they’ve been looped into, and included on something that really just wasn’t a real benefit to them.