Google wants to help you make another. While the company has been busy updating their range of search options and products, Google has decided that they need to add cocktail recipes to the wealth of knowledge they offer. That being said, with the popularity of mixed drink apps on mobile devices, this really shouldn’t surprise anyone – as the company is regularly pushing the limits of their search product, and constantly looking to get more information inside of it each and every day.

The simplicity might be a stroke of genius on the part of Google. While it might seem simple enough to open up your favorite Mixology app, and search for the name of the drink – now users on Google will simply have to either type of speak the name of the drink and add the phrase “how do I make” before it – and the results will tabulate automatically.

Skeptics of Google’s attempt to enter this market has been met by the fact that it would appear as though right now a lot of data is pulled from Wikipedia. That being said, it doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t have a dedicated team of mixologists that were already contracted on behalf of the company to begin pulling this information together. The program is early in the stages of completeness so Google will obviously continue developing and working until the product is of higher quality.

Right now, it appears in both mobile and desktop versions of Google, and the results seem to be polling with regularity. However, with the information coming from a third-party – for those who working behind a bar – and not just looking to answer a quick question – Google hasn’t replaced any of those beloved mixology apps that exist to this point on their devices. The move though to include this information within the Knowledge Graph Search that Google has implemented to this point is definitely a sign of innovative thinking from a company who isn’t just looking to make their search product better – but also make it more diverse as well.


  1. Search engines have not remained focussed on the track for one reason or another. An attraction of a lucrative path have often made search engines a wanderer often losing sight of the real purpose ‘to develop search’ and go for or deviate and branch off to such juicy ROI attractions such as business analytic. The focus to improve “search” may prompt search engines to improvise and not let en.wikipedia take over a possible segment of their business, or give brilliant ideas to start ups. Search will not remain the search of your parent era forever, search will most probably be criteria based; where you put a word, sentence or question and 10, 20 or may be hundreds of criteria questions pop up so that you may clarify and tell the dumb data base what you need to know and narrow down the search results. (not just your plain vanilla typical results/options would pop up so the searcher is never frustrated of not reaching his goal). Want to hear who gets more mad and frustrated than the rest of us doing search? The professional consultants! Narrowing down and further narrowing down should do the trick.


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