Sony has made the unpopular decision to not be inclusive when it comes to upgrading to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The company said via Twitter, “The Android 5.0 Lollipop update is only going to be available to the Xperia Z series,” leaving many customers of Sony out in the cold, and wondering what would be in store for their devices. The move was a bold one considering that many of Sony’s competitors are shelling out Android 5.0 to a multitude of devices, instead of only offering it on new flagship devices. However, while this may seem like a major blow by Sony to its customers – it might be a bigger blow to Android as a whole.

Currently, with an incredibly low adoption rate – given the fact that so few devices and carriers have gotten the latest edition of Android out to their users – many have viewed this as another blow to users who have already been eagerly waiting for Android 5.0 to release to their devices. One customer even went as far as to complain to Sony’s customer service on Twitter, and that was met with a simple “We do apologize.”

While the message isn’t that strong coming from Sony, perhaps it’s a more overwhelming message that unless you run a flagship device with Sony or some of the other major manufacturers, expecting the latest-and-greatest in software or operating system might be above expectation. As for Sony, the Xperia C3, E1, E3, M2, M2 Aqua, T2 Ultra and T3 will all be missing out on the update to the latest Android operating system. Interestingly, while none of those devices are flagship devices, they’re all devices that have been released in the last year.

At the end of the day, this is proof that the company might really be missing something by not allowing more of their devices to see the update that their customers obviously want to see. Whether it’s Sony missing the boat though or a product of Android failure, this is something that will ultimately drive their users away – for both Sony and Android universally.