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12″ Apple MacBook w/ Retina Display starts at $1299, Available on April 10


Apple has officially unveiled their newest edition to the MacBook family, and it has Retina Display. The Cupertino-based company unveiled what they called “the lightest Mac we have ever made,” at their Spring Forward event, which was highly-anticipated due to the introduction of the Apple Watch. However, the 13.1mm thin MacBook that features Retina Display and weighs just 2 pounds is sure to create some serious buzz.

The newest MacBook features a display that measures 2304 x 1440 in terms of resolution, and in addition to featuring incredible physical measurements – Apple has also noted that the 12-inch MacBook will utilize 30% less energy than previous models. The new Macbook is also the first fanless laptop and boasts 1.1 GHz dual-core Intel Core M processor.

That though isn’t the only thing that makes this latest edition to the MacBook family thinner, either. It employs a “butterfly keyboard system” that essentially works opposite of the traditional scissor method that keyboards were designed with. That being said though Apple did point out that it is “four times more stable than scissor mechanism but 40% thinner.”

12-inch Macbook Air Keyboard


The MacBook will be featured in three colors – silver, space gray, as well as gold – and will in many ways, complete the family since an 11-inch version, as well as a 13-inch version – which don’t include Retina Display. Pre-orders for the latest MacBook will start on Monday but will become openly available on April 10th. It will retail at $1,299 to start, and, of course, will feature the traditional upgrades that will push total costs up to, and beyond $2,000.

Additionally, Apple has also updated its Macbook Air and 13-inch Macbook Pro devices. The Air now packs new Intel 5th gen processors, while the Macbook Pro comes with the new trackpad.

The reaction though seems to be widely positive thus far. Apple users have always been used to paying top-dollar for their trendy devices, and this is like any other product that Apple launches. While it is expensive, they continue to push the boundaries and deliver a consistent product. That is a good combination for any company, but it pays dividends for Apple who is always looking to maintain their shine within the digital market. This announcement did not come as a surprise but with all of the focus being on the Apple Watch – this was a pleasant surprise for some who were anticipating some sort of update to their laptop lineup.

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