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Samsung launches Milk Music Web Player for FREE on its first birthday


Samsung definitely is not the first company or name anyone thinks of when they hear about streaming music services. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a stake in the game at all. Samsung announced Milk Music Web Player celebrating its first birthday today. Now the year-old service would now be available on PC’s as well as Samsung devices. Now, instead of being forced to listen to Milk Music on their Galaxy device, users will have the opportunity to listen on their Web browsers as well.

It’s an interesting move, but one that isn’t exactly overwhelming given the fact that Samsung has a relatively light stake in the streaming music service space as a whole. It would appear as though the company definitely has something to offer, and offering that something for free is undoubtedly a good move – but to call it a success story right now, simply would be a miscalculation. That being said, it’s a start, and perhaps right now, that’s all the company is looking to get out of Milk Music.

The service to this point has really held simplicity close to its heart and ensured that users have an experience that isn’t just uniform, but also keeps the important factors close. It features larger-than-usual artwork for album covers, and such but aside from this doesn’t really offer anything that is going to be driving a ton of users their way. However, if you’re a Samsung user – and you don’t use Spotify – then perhaps this is a decent choice.

Many though have said that Slacker is a better option for those who are in this position, since Slacker comes preinstalled on many devices – which would be an additional selling feature for it – but another knock for Samsung who clearly is doing this in an effort to drive additional users to its music streaming platform. Moreover, this might be politically motivated within the company rather than an idea that is looking to grab some market share really. Apple has already announced that they will be launching a cross-platform service that has been dubbed the “Spotify Killer” of recent years – so that is likely a decent reason why Samsung wants to make sure their users stay within their network.

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