iOS 8.2 is here, and it’s just in time for the addition of Apple Watch. The first thing that users will notice when they download the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system is that an icon has been added to the home screen. The addition of the Apple Watch app, which will allow users to pair their Apple Watch with their iPhone, and add tracking features to the health-related portions of Apple Watch, are by far the most noticeable features. That being said, many of the challenges that earlier editions of iOS 8 were avoided thanks to a smaller download file, and no major changes in how the system operates.

Apple iOS 8.2

iOS 8.2 also brings additional features as it relates to development of apps, and giving users the ability to control really what is going on within their Apple Watch. While the update did address a few bugs and issues that were present on the system to this point, they didn’t set out to change the way people receive iOS – that is important to note. Up until now, many of the complaints about iOS 8 have been related to the running, battery life, and sporadic health tracking features. Now though, Apple has at least addressed a couple of these concerns in focusing on the health tracking features.

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Many though are arguing that this update isn’t necessary until the Apple Watch launches. While it’s something that Apple obviously did to account for any bugs that should present themselves between now, and the actual release of the Apple Watch – it would appear as though this particular update is rather insignificant for those who aren’t planning to purchase the next big thing from Apple. Today Apple showed off their brand new Apple Watch at the Spring Forward event that was received as one of the highest points for the company this year – which has already had a series of high points.