Microsoft began rolling out their highly-anticipated Xbox One March 2015 update that had many users hopeful for features that would level the playing field between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The company delivered on the most highly-requested feature of any desired update that users were looking for, and even added some additional functionality features that really just smooth out the overall experience.

The first and biggest update was the addition of screenshot support. This was what users were very interested in seeing come to Xbox One, and now the company has delivered by creating that support in-game, and throughout the entire experience. Even more impressive is that Microsoft made taking, and saving, a screenshot simple and quick. Simply double-tap the Xbox button to take a screenshot at any given moment – and then press the “Y” button actually to save that screenshot.

Microsoft even added support for those who use Kinect and feel like adding one more button to press is simply too much. Users will only have to say, “Xbox, take a screenshot,” and the system will automatically take, and save a screenshot at that very moment. Along with the screenshot update though, that also means improvements were made to the Upload app. This will make it easier to share, merge, and manage screenshots, as well as game clips – to set them as a background, move them around, or apply them in different capacities online.

Some less flashy updates included the ability to better manage spam messages that make their way through the system, as well as improved party chat features that show more detail with regard to the type of microphone that each player is using. While some will use Kinect, others will just be using a traditional microphone, and it will create better equality between the two.

An update to the settings portion also means that more data can be shared throughout the user experience, and things can be modified more easily. Like tile transparency – that can be adjusted from the settings page – something that didn’t exist before. For those who are ready for the update, and have a console that is equally ready – users can go right to the settings page and update their system from the inside out.