Google’s impressive new Calendar app was something that many users on the Android side of the smartphone world have been buzzing about since its launch. Now though, iPhone users will have the same opportunity to get excited over the brand new, and incredibly designed Google’s Calendar app that combines features and the new Material Design to ensure that users are given the highest of quality experiences. When Google launched its renovated Calendar app, they had promised that it would be making its way to iPhone eventually, and as of today, that day has finally arrived.

It might have felt like it was a long-time coming for users who rely on Google’s Calendar app, but the wait would surely be worth it – once the user has downloaded it. The updated app really delivers because it pulls information from Google’s ever-expanding network of apps and information and ultimately delivers on every front for those who are looking to stay productive.

The release fetches information and events from Gmail, and Inbox, while simultaneously giving user’s access to “Schedule View,” which is easily the most impressive new feature that has made its way to Google Calendar on either operating system. In truth, this is one of the best productivity apps on either type of device, and something that speaks to the work that Google is doing to integrate itself with multiple platforms.

The new Google Calendar app for iPhone also integrates assistant features that allow for quick additions when it comes to events, tasks, and other things that need to be done. As usual Google Calendar will synchronize with any calendar that might be in use on a running iOS device. That includes iCloud, and any other servers – like Microsoft Exchange Servers, or other third-party calendar accounts that could be of use to a user looking to get the most out of the calendar.

The most powerful takeaway though from this app and addition when it comes to Google Calendar is the way its laid out, combined with the way that it executes itself throughout the calendar process. Whether its adding an event or surfing through a set of events or tasks to find something that needs to be dealt with quickly – Google Calendar really delivers on that; and Google users will be increasingly satisfied with throughout the coming weeks as more iPhone users jump on board.