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Nokia resurrects HERE Maps for iOS with Offline Maps, Route Planner, Voice Navigation


Nokia has finally delivered a mapping platform that can compete with some of the biggest names in the business. Names like Google and Apple, who have previously dominated the iOS mapping business, – finally have competition from one of the most refined and exciting names in the mapping space. Nokia’s Here Maps for iOS combines all of the great features that were loved in Android with some of the best features that the company had been working on to deliver in a brand new product.

Nokia has billed this edition of the mapping tool as a “map app you can trust,” and by doing so looks to challenge Google and Apple directly in areas that they previously couldn’t compete. The company also added an offline version that really goes a long way to improving how people receive maps. This is ultra-useful for those who are traveling and want to avoid things like roaming or expensive data charges. While offline maps are large – they might just be what travelers need – as they go abroad. They take up roughly 4-6GB depending on the specific map.


Add in the fact that the company will be utilizing voice commands, and voice mapping – as well as a route planner that will make travel and going on longer trips easy. If all of that still isn’t enough – the app did enough individually with design to really stand out – but not be too different than what users were already used to. Many argued that if a company like Nokia were to change their mapping app too much from a design perspective that they would alienate certain users and push them away.

For those who have been keeping track though this edition of Here Maps came 15-months after the original one was pulled from the App Store. This edition, which was rebuilt from the ground up – created the changes and design updates that were necessary for Here Maps to start really standing out from the rest of the competition that is out there. The app went on the market today and has been met with positive reviews. This could be a major movement for Nokia, who has been building this mobile apps platform around Here Maps, since they sold their smartphone business off to Microsoft.

Source: http://360.here.com/2015/03/11/here-for-ios/” target=”_blank”>Nokia

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